Born in Nuremberg, Germany. Resident in Vienna since 2008.

Her acting in different musical genres shows Anne Eck's diversity who already composed film music for short films,

songs for her previous musical cabaret as well as text and instrumental parts for various musical projects

for example Pischinger & Dermota.

A highlight of the debut album 'Reisedrang by the in electronic music spezialized Producers and DJs is certainly

'Can't breathe supported by Anne Eck as writer and interpreter.

Her passion for electronic music found its way in 2016 where she became part of the well known DJ Collective Brunnhilde.

Anne Eck is currently working on her Debut EP which could be realised by a successful Crowdfuning Campaign with over 100 Supporters and the Bank Austria Prize of Art.

Andreas Lettner as creativ producer (ROBB, Lylit, N.I.K.O) created arrangements which support the pop character of the songs as well as their fineness.

Self composed and written in english the Songs are settled in the pop / alternative genre.

with deep going personal lyrics.