"....because I wanted to point out everything about Vienna-based Anne Eck is elegant, professional and comes with huge amounts of class. She really is one of those rare people who seems to be very comfortable with herself and who she is and, because of that, is able to easily accept others for who they are as well." 


Michelle Topham, LEO.Sigh.com

"Die Spurensuche führt also ins Innenleben und diese Innenansichten nach außen geschält präsentiert Anne Eck in großartiger Manier auf ihrer sechs Lied starken Debüt-EP "Rise".


Manfred Horak, Kulturwoche.at

"ANNE ECK, deren 2018 auf Silvertree erschienene EP „Rise“ in ihrer intensiven, introspektiven Sinnsuche nach wie vor Maßstäbe im Pop setzt, uneingeschränkt nach einem Nachfolgealbum schreit und erfreu- licherweise in die bisherige Männer-Label-Domäne einbricht"


Dietmar Hoscher, Concerto

A N N E   E C K

Born in Nuremberg, Germany. Lives in Vienna, Austria since 2008.
Her songs are somewhere between pop and alternative.

If you want to classify ANNE ECK, you can only do so marginally and this concerns

her as an artist as well as her songs. English and German. Deep and light at the same time.






Her 2nd studio album #TH12 will be released in fall 2021.


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