is a song about connection - to ourselves and to others. It is a hymn and a tribute to our own heart & self. It is about the courage to stand up for yourself, to show yourself as you are and to open up to all facets of life, whether vulnerability or strength. This opening creates connection and closeness to ourselves and to others, despite all individual differences. The moment we show ourselves who we really are, in which we accept ourselves as we are, in which we accept the people around us as they are, the connection to ourselves and to others happens. This is more important than ever. HELLO MY HEART is already the hymn that is sung by the whole audience at ANNE ECK's concerts and will continue to be a catchy tune for a long time to come.


“Hello my Heart, spread your wings and fly up high, you are strong enough and you can go alone and go and go.”


#hellomyheart #anneeckmusic

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